Getting Started

The best way to describe my introduction to figure skating is that it definitely wasn’t boring. What I mean by that is that my 7 year old self bit it spectacularly on day one by falling over backwards. I was more determined than smart and stuck with it over ten years through the highs and increasingly frequent lows. When I finished high school, I hung up my skates for what I thought was a permanent parting of the ways.


See above: my younger, cuter self and my older brother channeling the real slim shady.

After finishing college and grad school I moved across the country and started doing a lot of the things being a perpetual student gets in the way of (to be fair it’s also because you have no money in grad school) I went hiking, joined a running club, and made a lot of great friends. I had always had a vague notion of wanting to start skating again and so I went to a public skate and inquired about group lessons.  Six months later I started taking private lessons again because 30 minutes of making a fool out of myself in group lessons wasn’t enough. 😛

Thinking about all the things that made me dislike skating as a child makes me sad for the person I was then. The best thing about getting older is you care so much less what other people think of you, I don’t skate for anyone else, I skate because I love it. It took me many years to find the joy in skating again and I hope I never lose it (even on the days I trip over my own feet).