and then I fell…

The past several weeks have been interesting, getting used to skating at different rinks and figuring out my new skating schedule has taken some getting used to. This week I finally felt like I was hitting my stride. I have been skating consistently and for the most part making good progress. While the Silver Moves test is still a long ways off it no longer feels as daunting as it did just a few weeks ago. I fell pretty hard on a back outside three turn earlier this week however that is not the fall that has me currently sitting on an ice pack eating tortilla chips and binge watching Netflix.

On Saturdays I skate at two freestyles and take a power class (correction; I make a fool of myself at a power class). I’m comfortable with freestyles and constantly check my surroundings so that I know where I am compared to everyone else. That said, I collided with another skater today and fell hard. I was doing a backwards crossover, about to step into a scratch spin when another skater’s blade caught in mine and we both went down. I fell backwards and landed hard on my tailbone. It was one of those falls where everyone else stops and skates over to make sure you’re not dead. Thankfully, the other skater (a young girl), was more upset than hurt and was okay.

I stayed for the rest of the freestyle (and my lesson) and did pretty well, I stopped to sit for a few minutes and then skated some easy laps before working on anything else. My coach and I worked on my camel and identified some of the things that cause me to fall on my inside edge and I managed several really good ones. I was only having pain when working on the back sit. There was a break for an ice cut in between the freestyle sessions and I decided then to cut my losses and go home. Which was definitely the right thing to do and I am more sore now than I was right after the fall (inflammation! yay!).

If I had to give my tailbone pain a number it would be a 2 at rest and no worse than a 4 with certain movements. I’m pretty sure its not broken (but being the physical therapist I am, I will get checked out if it gets any worse). I’ve been on the couch with my ice pack for most of the day (… all of the day) and have no plans to do much else. I’m still pretty shaken up. I’ve never collided with another skater and I’ve never hurt myself this significantly before. It’s frustrating because I wasn’t even doing anything that challenging and I have no idea how we missed each other. I guess I will have to hope for a fast recovery and take it as “accidents happen”.

I may be buying some waxel pads though…


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