March Progress

Being that it’s nearly the end of March I thought I would do a quick run down of how some of my goals for the year are coming along. Sometimes I get stuck on an element and feel I’m not improving so it’s nice to step back and look at the big picture.

The elephant in the room is the axel. Off ice I can do it pretty well but it’s still a little cheated. My best on ice attempts have been 1/4 revolution short when I actually land on one foot (and I land on a flat, not on my toe, when I land on my toe I fall). My problem of late is dropping my left shoulder. I can alrady see that this is going to be a long road…

My sit change sit actually exists now… Sometimes… it didn’t exist in January at all so I’ll take it. If I screw up its when I change to the back sit. The plan is to put my sit-pancake in my new Bronze program for now and then switch in the sit change sit when I get it consistent. This is the program I want to use at sectionals next year so I think it is doable.

My camel is finalllllly getting more consistent. More importantly, when I flub it up I can usually figure out how to fix it. This saves me a lot of cursing and frustration. I am working on improving my position.

My other jumps are looking better, I have been working on my lutz especially, mostly in getting a better air position (straightening my knee in the air) and reducing flutzes. My loop and flip positions are getting better and I still hate the $&@:?#% toe loop.

The biggest improvement has been in Silver moves. The plan is to take it in May (along with my Bronze free which I was supposed to take in February but missed the sign up day, although it’s good I didn’t because it was when I was injured). I wasn’t expecting to take it that soon, I still need to get so of my back threes stronger as well as the inside spirals. I love cross roles though!

Overall I am fairly happy with where I am right now, I need to keep looking at the big picture to help when I get stuck on what I am not accomplishing.

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