Summer Progress

So apparently I only update this blog once every blue moon…

The biggest progress this year thus far has been passing my Silver Moves in May. It was 2/3 but a pass is a pass. The only disappointing thing was that while one judge marked me at passing, and one 2 points over, another marked me 5 points under. My coach was pretty baffled by it too as clearly the other judges didn’t think I stunk it up that badly. The biggest improvement was that I did not get a single comment about needing to improve my posture (where I got a lot on the Bronze test in January).  I am going to take the Bronze free this month and then that will be it for testing for a while. I have started steady work on Gold Moves and have already made several attempts to murder myself with a bracket so I am sensing many quality (and not so quality) hours ahead.

The axel is still sort of-kind of- almost- sort of -there. My best attempts are short and I break at the waist but I generally land on one foot and the snap is getting better. I hope to get closer by the end of the year.

My sit change sit is getting pretty consistent. I generally don’t mess up the transition and am getting lower and getting more revolutions on the back sit. It’s nice to see progress!

The camel is still my nemesis. I feel like it’s no more consistent than it was a year ago which is really frustrating. I try to be positive about it but I feel like every time I think I figure it out I lose it again.

This is a Camel Spin from yesterday- the position can be improved but it is fairly solid…

Then today I did some okay ones, but they were slow and I kept falling on the inside edge.

Then I did this…

Clearly I am an example of grace and elegance. (and clearly I should not quit my day job).

I am working really hard on improving my jump positions- especially for loop, flip and lutz. I am working on really getting into the ‘H’ position, stopping my pre rotation, fixing my posture, and straightening my knee. I know it’s getting better because I can feel the spring when I use good technique (and tell when I don’t). My goal is to be a Gold level lady someday and I want to actually skate like one.

I think the most important thing in skating is to make time for the fun stuff too. Whenever I get stuck on something (aka my camel spin) I always try to end with something to remind myself why I love skating. Hydroblade away!


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